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Bulletproof  Glass
Bulletproof glass is composed of compound glass and film. With thickness of above 20mm, it is a kind of safety glass which can prevent bullet.

Characteristic of Bulletproof Glass
Anti-shock, anti-penetration and good safety
Good sound insulation and heat insulation
Strong uvioresistant
Various color
Durable and fadeless

- Bank
- Securities company
- Counter of jewelry shop
- Treasure counter of museum and art shop
- Viewport of explosion-proof apparatus 
- Door and window of prison

Glass thickness: 3~19mm
Interlayer film thickness: 0.38~3.04mm for PVB
1.52mm and 3.04mm for SGP
Max. Size: 96"X504" (2440×12800mm)

Quality Standards
GB 17840,  Chinese standard.
EN1063,  European standard.
UL752,American standard.


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