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Fireproof Glass
Fireproof Glass is a kind of outer wall glass or door and window glass. It is made of float glass by physical and chemical methods. It can't be burst for 102-139 minutes struck by 1000℃ flame thus prevents the spread of flame and smog. It makes people have enough time to leave the scene and provide disaster relief. It solves the weakness of bad fireproof performance of common glass outer wall and greatly improves the safety factor of glass outer wall.

Features of Fireproof Glass
Excellent fire resistance performance
High strength performance and safety performance
Six times more than float glass and have better performance comparing with tempered glass
Glass will appear  hurtless obtuse angles when breakage
Good workability
Excellent machinability

- Interior and exterior glazing
- Cinema, bank, hospital, Library, Shopping malls, etc.

Thickness: 5~15mm
Max. Size: 96"X197" (2440X5000mm)

Quality Standards
GB 15763.1, Chinese standard.
EN 12150.1, European Standard.


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