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Low iron float glass also called ultra clear float glass,which have high performance and multifunction, the light transmittance achieves above 91.5%, it has the character of glittering and translucent, elegant and graceful.
Low iron float glass also have all the processable performances that high quality float glass has, has predominant physical, mechanical and optical characters, so it can been processed as other high quality float glass. Incomparably predominant quality and performance make the Low iron float glass has wider application space and brighter market foreground.
Window and door
Facades and curtain walls
Household electrical Appliance
Furniture and decoration
PV module and solar water heater.
Mirror coating
Green house, sunlight collecting roof, fish tank, etc.
Craftworks and light decorations
Max. Size: 144"X355",  130"X590" 
                   (3660X9000mm, 3300X15000mm)
Normal size: 914X1220mm, 1524X2134mm
                      1650X2200mm, 1830X2440mm
                      2134X3300mm, 2134X3660mm
                      2440X3300mm, 2440X3660mm

Quality standards
GB 11614, Chinese standard.
EN 572.2, European standard.

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