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TCO Solar Glass
Transparent conductive oxides (TCO) glass is one of key materials for manufacturing Thin film solar cells. It is produced by Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition process or other process. Conductive layers deposited on glass are used as front (A-Si Thin film and CdTe) or back (CIGS) Solar Cells.

Features of TCO Solar Glass
Transmittance is high and can reach to 88%
Sheet resistance adjustable and can be less than 10ohms/sq.
Haze ranges from 0.10% to 30%
Excellent uniformity and weathering resistance

- Amorphous silicon thin film solar cells
- CdTe and CIGS solar cells

FTO (SnO2:F) series
ATO (ZnO:Al) series
Ultra thin TCO Series
Tempered and Heat Strengthened TCO Series
Anti-reflective coating TCO Series
Thickness: 2mm-6mm (3.2mm&4mm)
Max.size:  49"X67" ( 1250X1700mm)
Generally size: 1100X1400mm


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